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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
115156980815324023537908151Joshua HarrisLesmurdie-Mazenod Cricket Club2020/20211st Grade3 1Swan View Cricket Club
21154977715324023538719115Matt DaceyLesmurdie-Mazenod Cricket Club2020/20215th Grade1 1University
3905984711532402353820490Sebastian LoweLesmurdie-Mazenod Cricket Club2020/20212nd Grade2 1Mt Lawley
484497771532402353872284Matt DaceyLesmurdie-Mazenod Cricket Club2020/20215th Grade2 1Ascot Cricket Club
5832126951532402353790883David P KellyLesmurdie-Mazenod Cricket Club2020/20211st Grade3 1Swan View Cricket Club
675902531532402353820175Quinn VistisenLesmurdie-Mazenod Cricket Club2020/20212nd Grade1 1Bayswater
770834961532402354105770*Neil WardenLesmurdie-Mazenod Cricket Club2020/2021B Grade One Day1 1Caversham
869796341532402354100769Grant R CollinsLesmurdie-Mazenod Cricket Club2020/2021A Grade One Day4 1Scarborough
967233561532402353790567*Jeffrey D MannLesmurdie-Mazenod Cricket Club2020/20211st Grade2 1Ellenbrook Rangers Cricket Club
106620222841532402361051366*Rebecca TuckeyLesmurdie-Mazenod Cricket Club2020/2021PSWL : East5 1Swan Valley CC
115320222841532402361050253*Rebecca TuckeyLesmurdie-Mazenod Cricket Club2020/2021PSWL : East3 1Caversham Crusaders
12522534031532402354107452Anthony LeeLesmurdie-Mazenod Cricket Club2020/2021B Grade One Day5 1Maylands
13505698081532402353790250Joshua HarrisLesmurdie-Mazenod Cricket Club2020/20211st Grade1 1SKLP Cricket Club
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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